Postcards and Deltiology


Many of you may not be familiar with Deltiology, but I’m sure you have either picked up some in your travels or sent some to your friends or family at one time or another.

What is Deltiology you ask… it is the study and collection of postcards. The first postcards were published in 1869. Nine years later over 231.5 million were mailed out. Your primitive form of e-mails if you will.

Nowadays, collectors tend to ignore the writings and postmarks and deal mostly in blank, pristine specimens in whatever topic interests them – like geography, history, art, sports, portraits, animals, etc.

Some collectors also like to collect postcards that are made out of cork (Spain and Portugal) or those featuring embroidery, fashioned from balsam, constructed like a jigsaw puzzle or made from tin…I have a few of these myself as I had never seen postcards made out of anything but paper before.

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