The Sunflower triggers endorphins or what I like to call the happiness dance

All of the work on the website is unframed as the look and feel of a photo depends a lot upon how it is framed, where and how it will be hung, the subject and colours and many other factors that are personal to the buyer who either has a flair for design or knows where to go to make it the way they want.  

One of my passions is gardening - though when little - I remember (to my horror now) of playing baseball, red rover, croquet, etc. on the lawn in front of our house where my mom had planted the most beautiful roses.  How it must have broken her heart to see us children running through them with little regard.  And I suspect, due to karma, I cannot for the life of me grow roses in my own garden, nor sunflowers for that matter.   

Sunflowers are cheery and happy flowers that make you feel better instantly whenever you look at them.  Perhaps that's why I like to photograph them.

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