What We Do


The jaguar in our logo represents power, ferocity and valor.  It was chosen as a symbol for our brand because of its ability to take control and face fears with grace and decisiveness.  

On our site you will find various merchandise incorporating photos that we have taken on our travels and at home, or artwork we have made that we hope you will purchase and enjoy.

These vary from apparel such as t-shirts and hoodies to paper products - prints, posters, note cards, greeting cards and thank-you cards to name a few.

All artwork is copyrighted and owned by BJM Publishing and as such requires express written permission from them for any commercial usage.

We will also display e-zine flip books that highlight classic cars, art deco, architecture, travel and various interests that we follow and hope you will enjoy as well. 

Our weekly blog will embody one or more of these items in more detail.  It is not our goal to open a store and make a fortune and retire early but to share our joy in life and learning and make enough to keep travelling and living La dolce vita!

Thank you for visiting; we hope you find something that speaks to you and that you absolutely cannot live without.  All product is in Canadian dollars (including 13% GST) and will have shipping added at checkout!

Please contact us at 519-208-7445 or e-mail beryljmcg@gmail.com if you have any questions - you will have a response within 24 hours.